Around The Way: San Diego County Fair

This weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing my first county fair. Not gonna lie, when I thought of county fairs I imagined country-like white folks getting together eating fried anything, participating in bake-offs, pie eating contests, and watching some kind of entertainment. Kinda like that scene in The Little Rascals when they had that buggy race. I wasn’t that far off with the eating fried anything part, but I have to say the San Diego County Fair brought in so many people from all walks of life. Continue reading

Around the Way: El Salvador

In true Ariel fashion this post is waaaaaaaaay overdue. However, since I am going to Colombia in approximately ten days to visit our girl Mia I thought this would be the perfect time to recap on my some of my most recent trips. I visited El Salvador in November 2015  with my best friend Tatiana and her family. I had just quit my wedding planning job, I couldn’t find another job, and Chicago makes me queasy sometimes.  It all seemed like the perfect reason to pack my bags for the week.

Continue reading