Guest Bloggers


Caity is a 23-year-old Chicago Native who graduated from DePaul University in Spring 2013 with a degree in Political Science. When she is not working her two jobs or applying for grad school she either in a boxing ring or on the hunt for a delicious doughnut. If you’re trying to make plans with her on a Thursday night, don’t bother. She does not go anywhere until after she has watched Scandal.

Name: Caity Delarosa

Age: 23

Title: Editor & Contributor

Education:  DePaul University B.A. Political Science, Minor in Latino Studies

Hometown: CHICAGO

Neighborhood raised in: Wicker Park & Logan Square

Nationality: Mexican & Puerto Rican

Favorite things about Chicago: Summer, dive bars, lots of doughnut shops, bulls, elote carts, house music, that beautiful skyline

Least favorite things about Chicago: long ass winter, blue line during morning/evening rush hours, people who use the nickname ‘Chiraq,’ gentrification, suburbanites who move here and claim they’re from Chicago. I know you’re from Naperville, stop playing.

Favorite artists: Donna Summer, Beyonce, Kanye West, Johnny Cash, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Marc Anthony

Social Media: ig: __caity

darkroomdemons 24215_2_2_2

Modern Day Mowgli. Well Read, Well Dressed & Well Traveled.

Name: Dani Kowalczyk

Age: 25

Title: Contributor

Education: BA in English/Language Arts from DePaul University

Hometown: Undefinable, moved around too much, but Michigan is generally that place.

Raised in: See above, from Detroit to Taos to Orlando to Ann Arbor, Saline, and San Diego… the road is where I was raised well.

Nationality: Venezuelan and Polish.

Favorite things about Chicago: Wind in the summer, hidden gems, food, and rent here vs NYC rent.

Least favorite things about Chicago: Wind in the winter, segregation, and the CTA.

Favorite artists: Glass Animals, Led Zeppelin, William Yeats, Rumi, Beach House, Anthony Burgess, and Perfume Genius.

Social Media: @danimkay for twitter, tumblr, and IG, DANIMKAY.COM

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