Ariel & Rebecca

wedemgirlsHello! Welcome to The Around The Way- a blog site dedicate to the daily musings and inspirations of two ’round the way girls from the 773, -Chicago baby! Through the good and bad, this city has shaped who we are today and we’re damn proud of it. Chicago is an underdog city that doesn’t get much praise for what it’s really worth. From its food, fashion, art, music, and scenery altogether, Chicago has a certain swag about it that even outsiders find irresistible. We can admit the winters absolutely suck here, but even if you leave, you always find yourself making it back for the oh-so-perfect Summa Time Chi. The Around The Way wants to celebrate the unique city lifestyle of Chicago and other cities… around the way.

During this adventure, you’ll meet some dope ass Around The Way Girls who are grinding hard and are on the rise. Instead of focusing on celebrities, we want to put the spot-light on the ’round the way, every day celebrity with a story to share.

Before you join us on this journey, let us share the story behind The Around The Way and your girls Rebecca and Ariel.

How It Started

dookieheadThe Around The Way always existed but never came to life until now. We always talked about starting a blog since we graduated college in 2013, but didn’t get the ball rolling until a year later on a drunk summer night. On the night of Wicker Park Fest, we met up at Nick’s Beer Garden and had the most productive conversation a person could have after a long night of drinking. We had the plan, we had the idea, but once we had the name we were ready to go. The Around The Way.

The Around The Way Girls

DSC01374We don’t recall how our friendship really began (real friends don’t remember anyway), but it was bound to happen. We were young independent girls (Ariel 18, Rebecca 17), who happened to have mutual friends, similar interests, and worked down the block from each other at the trendy AKIRA boutique stores. From 2007 on, this friendship turned kinship continues to grow with great memories: from funny to sad, to the ones we don’t remember (due to circumstances), and the ones we wish we could forget.


rebeccaplayingwithhairName: Rebecca Beyene

Age: 26

Title: Co-Founder & Contributor

Education: BA Public Relations & Advertising from DePaul University

Hometown: THE CHI

Neighborhood raised in: Edgewater & Uptown aka North Pole (far north-side)

Nationality: Ethiopian! (Young East African Girl)

Favorite things about Chicago: Lake Shore Drive, Summa Time Chi, mild sauce, food in general, the communities, BULLS and music.

Least favorite things about Chicago: Winters, pot holes, black ice (I always bust my shit), paying for the CTA, and crime (both in politics and streets).

Favorite music artists: Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Pusha T, Drake, Lil Wayne (2008 and earlier), Jay-Z (pre-Beyonce… sorry!), R.Kelly, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, SZA, Aaliyah M.I.A and Outkast. I also have a weakness for trap music.

Social Media: Instagram: @beccabecool, Twitter: @beezlouiez


_MG_0164Name: Ariel DeLaRosa

Age: 27

Title: Co-Founder & Contributor

Education: BA Fashion Business & Marketing Communication from Columbia College Chicago

Hometown: Chicagoooooo

Neighborhood raised in: Wicker Park & Logan Square (before both turned into Hipster nation)

Nationality: Mexican and Puerto Rican (No, I’m not crazy)

Favorite things about Chicago: Fall, summer street festivals, da bulls, and that we have a number of bars that are open until 4 am

Least favorite things about Chicago: being on the Damen bus, Rahm Emmanuel, and the Polar Vortex

Favorite artists: Bey all day, The Talking Heads, Kanye West, Outkast, R.Kelly, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Marc Anthony, Memphis Minnie, Lauryn Hill. I’m everywhere. Rebecca helps me with all newer hip-hop music.

Social Media: Instagram: @arieldelarosa, Facebook: /arielkristin

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