Vibe To This: Noname’s Debut EP ‘Telefone’

All of my niggas is casket pretty, ain’t no one safe in this happy city. Finally had the chance to thouroughly listen to our Chicago girl Noname’s new project and it’s just the vibes needed.


Formally known as Noname Gypsy, (she removed gypsy because she found it to be an offensive word) you might be familiar with her work through her frequent features on tracks with Chance The Rapper and Mick Jenkins. Even without features Noname proves that she can hold her own weight lyrically with Telefone. Noname raps through every track  so effortlessly as her poetic lyrics just float off her tongue in her monotone spoken word. It’s clear that Noname makes music for herself and is not interested in the glitz and glamour mentioned in her track “Forever.” Telefone takes you on her journey of growing up in Chicago, relationships, family, police brutality, addiction, loss and black girl magic. Take a listen below.



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