Lollapalooza 2016 Playlist

Lollapalooza is a day away and we seriously couldn’t be more excited. There are so many great acts to look forward to, it’s great to sing and dance with old friends, and the after parties are always bomb. We get a bonus day this year since Lolla is celebrating their 25th anniversary. In order to get you amped up as well, we  created four different playlists based on the artists we want to see each day. Enjoy!


Artist we are excited to see:

  • Danny Brown: Saw him at Pitchfork a few years back, he is performer like no other and has a natural, effortless feel to the way he commands attention {4:00 pm @ Petrillo Bandshell Stage}
  • Towkio : Gotta show love to the Save Money crew and a Chicago rapper. We are sure there will be hella surprise performances and an energetic crowd. {5:15 @ Pepsi Stage}
  • Aluna George: Aluna is an entertainer extraordinaire and she had complete
    command  of every performance. She is a super diva in the making. George is the beat master and although not much of a stage presence his role is critical in the execution of the performance. I’ve seen the duo in a more intimate setting, so I am interested to see how they perform at Lolla. {6:30 @ Pepsi Stage}
  • G-Eazy: The Oakland native has been a road warrior the past two years, playing dive bars and middle-billing festivals throughout the country. He has definitely put in the work and I have to cop the end of his set to make sure I see J. Cole.   {6:30 @ Samsung stage}
  • Lana Del Ray: Lana Del Rey is hauntingly wonderful. Her voice is angelic and hauntingly beautiful. She sounds better live than on CD.{8:45 @ Bud Light Stage}
  • J.Cole: Bae Cole. That is all. {8:30 @ Samsung Stage}



Artist we are excited to see:

  • Alessia Cara: Alessia Cara is absolutely fantastic singing live. She is definitely a role model for young and new artist to look up to.Her incredible talents, steely soulful voice, thoughtful songs are great personality shine her way of indisputable true amazing and indisputable “artist” rather than a singer or entertainer. {5:15 @ Pepsi Stage}
  • Duke Domont: Honestly,  I just like the song Ocean Drive  and will have some time to kill  {6:00 @ Perry’s Stage}
  • Future: Becca and I saw Future at Big Jam and put on a really good show. Future has all the jams right now and since he was in town this week with Drake, we are hoping  Champagne Papi makes a special appearance. {6:45 @ Budlight Stage}
  • A$AP FERG: My dream is to be in an A$AP Ferg video. Hopefully, he notices me.  {7:45 @ Pepsi Stage}
  • Radiohead: This is going to be a hard one to take  my sister to, but In Rainbows was one of my favorite albums in high school. I would love to see some of their songs live.  {8:00 @ Samsung Stage}
  • Major Lazer: Major Lazer shows are always so lit.It’s how I will redeem myself when Caity is mad that we went to Radiohead.    {8:30 @ Bud Light Stage}


Artist we are excited to see:

  • Lolawolf: They just dropped a new banger Tear Drop this week and I’m just really hoping to see this band grow.  {1:00 @Bud Light Stage}
  • Alina Baraz:  You know that feeling when you see live music and you literally forget the world around you? Where the music is so captivating that nothing else matters and the crowd around you disappears and it’s just you and the music. That’s Alina. {4:00 @ Pepsi Stage]
  • Big Grams (Big Boi + Phantogram): Their self-titled album, Big Grams  is a head bobber, I can’t remember when I’ve let an entire album play through from beginning to end without skipping forward. Excited to listen and see them live. {4:15 @ Samsung Stage}
  • Leon Bridges: Almost everyday in February and March I listened to Leon at work. His music is just so funky and groovy and everything I love. I can only imagine all of his energy, his soul, and band giving it all for this performance. {4:45 @ Bud Light Stage]
  • Grimes: Over the past few years, fans have witnessed Grimes grow leaps and bounds as a performer. When Visions  came out she was always planted behind her instruments. She has progressed into an exuberant live force. {7:30 @ Lake Shore Stage}
  • DISCLOSURE + VIC MENSA + RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS:  Ok, that would be weird if they were performing all on the same stage, but they are all performing all at the same time. Disclosure is amazing live. I feel like I gotta show Chicago love to Vic and I’ve been listening to RHCP since I was a youngin’ with my mom. I’ll have to choose once I’m in the moment. Right now it’s looking like catch the first hour of Disclosure and the last half hour of RHCP.


Side note: This would probably be a good day to check out new music, but I feel like Saturday is going to be insane so I’m glad Sunday is a late start.

Artists we are excited to see:

  • Local Natives: I’m not a huge fan of the indie rock band, but a co-worker told me it’s because you have to see them live. Gonna give them a try.{4:45 @ Bud Light Stage}
  • Bryson Tiller:   T R A P S O U L spoke to my soul. I was so mad when he came in March and tickets sold out and resold for triple the price. I am mentally preparing myself to be in my feelings.{5:45 @ Pertrillo Bandshell]
  • Bloc Party:  I haven’t listened to their new album, but I loved them in high school and have seen them live twice.  {7:25 @ Lake Shore}
  • Ellie Goulding: I don’t understand why she’s a headliner, but I also dig pop music. {8:30 @ Bud Light}
  • LCD Soundsystem:  What a perfect group to end Lolla Weekend and a perfect dance party. I was happy when the band announced their reunion tour earlier this year and was even happier when I saw they were headlining Sunday. {8:25 @ Samsung}


We’ll be recapping Lolla as well as the after parties sometime next week. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @thearoundtheway to check out some of the fest! Have a happy and safe Lolla Weekend!




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