Pitchfork Highlights + Fashion

Now that we are fully recovered from Pitchfork (not as young as we thought we were) we can talk about how lit that bitch was! When going to a festival you have to have a game plan as to how you’re going to successfully see your favorite artists. I have to admit it was very difficult and we couldn’t get to some of the acts that we hoped for in time, like Digable Planets *cries.* All in all this was an amazing weekend! Check out our favorite performances, festival fashion and fun sponsor booths.

The Shows

Mick Jenkins

Photo from vocalomusic.tumblr.com

We were crushing on Mick Jenkins before but now it’s something serious after watching his performance, or should I say sermon? Lyrical, energetic, and motivational; Jenkins and his live band had the crowd on waves (no pun intended) as he performed tracks from last year’s EP Wave[s] and his 2014 mixtape The Water[s]. Everyone was definitely feeling his vibe as he kept checking on us between tracks asking us, “Are ya’ll good? You guys comfortable?” Things went from mellow to turnt-up towards the end of Jenkin’s 30-minute set, especially when “Martyrs” came on. Mick Jenkins is no stranger to speaking out on social issues, so it was no surprise that he closed out the show with N.W.A’s “Fuck The Police.” In the name of Mick Jenkins, “Drink more water.”


Photo from The Chicagoist

Shamir is a tiny guy with a HUGE voice. This was our first time getting to know him as an artist and seeing him live and man was it a party! Seriously. We didn’t know a single word to any of his songs and not a single fuck was given because all we could do was dance. The light show combined with his live band was on point, and they sounded just like Shamir’s tracks- which is hard because most of his beats are pretty electronic. Great show.


Photo source unknown

It was a special day for Jeremih as he performed the day of his birthday. Since I’m always singing his songs out loud in the shower or in my car, it felt good to belt out “Oui” at the top of my lungs with a large crowd of people. Word around the festival was that Chance The Rapper was going to slide through someone’s set and sure enough he did. When he popped out during “Planes” the crowd lost their shit. It was dope that he stayed and danced throughout the rest of Jeremih’s performance. Give it up for Chicago!


Photo by Amanda Koellner

Following Jeremih’s set we went straight to Miguel and all the women (and some men) basically wanted to throw their panties on stage. On separate occasions Ariel and my sister Leah turn around and said “Damn he’s so fine.” We got all hot and bothered when started speaking Spanish to the audience as he repped both his Black and Mexican roots. In mid-set Miguel went from hot and sexy to social and political and it didn’t throw off the mood one bit. He spoke out against police brutality and Black Lives Matter, encouraging the crowd stand in solidarity with fists in the air. It was a deep moment.

FKA Twigs

fka twigs
Photo from noisey.vice.com

I just would like to say that FKA Twigs got herself three new loyal fans. The crew and I left towards the end of Miguel’s set to secure our spots to see Queen Twigs. Don’t judge us, her stage was right next to his so we were still able to hear his beautiful voice. Just seeing her creepy backdrop of hands got us excited. We knew this show was about to be epic, and boy it was. The best way to describe her performance would be sweet, sexy, and scary. Twigs put in work as she vogued, twitched, and sashayed across the staged along with her dancers dressed in tribal costume. From the dancing, to the instruments, and the light-show, it honestly felt like you were watching a movie. At one point we over-heard a girl say “I feel like I’m under a spell!” I think we all might have been.

The Fashion

Confession- we tried to get the fashion from all three days but it was difficult to juggle that while catching the shows and holding beers. Here are some of the gems we caught!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Sponsors

We love free shit and festivals always have free stuff! The sponsor booths are always fun.


Don Julio








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