Around The Way: San Diego County Fair

This weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing my first county fair. Not gonna lie, when I thought of county fairs I imagined country-like white folks getting together eating fried anything, participating in bake-offs, pie eating contests, and watching some kind of entertainment. Kinda like that scene in The Little Rascals when they had that buggy race. I wasn’t that far off with the eating fried anything part, but I have to say the San Diego County Fair brought in so many people from all walks of life.


Coming from Chicago, the city of San Diego itself is not as diverse as I would like, so I was happy when I saw so many Black people there. In my head I was like, dang where ya’ll been at this whole time?! But anyways, back to the fair. The SD County Fair was themed after the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. I absolutely loved it. There was a indoor portion of the fair that was dedicated to the theme, where it looked like you actually fell down the rabbit hole like Alice. They had the cool doors, a tea party (more like the 2016 version of it) with a DJ, the Queen of Hearts throne and much more.

Since becoming a vegan and more health conscious, I couldn’t help but get somewhat disgusted by all the food and the amount of food being consumed. Not judging at all because the old me would have definitely been excited and part of the new me was tempted (I miss ice-cream), but we just eat waaaaaay too much as Americans. I mean the food area literally looked like the Time Square of jumbo sized, fried, greasy everything: jumbo sausage, jumbo turkey leg, jumbo onion rings, jumbo drinks, fried koolaid etc. The savagery level was at Game of Thrones.

The rides of course was the highlight of my night because I’m a grown ass kid and love the thrills!

All in all I enjoyed myself with the fam and glad I experienced it, but I probably won’t go again. Just like how I don’t go to Taste of Chicago because it’s too crowded and too annoying, I feel the same way about this. Please don’t let this discourage you from going to either events in the future! Just my personal preference but it’s always good to experience these things.



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