Female Powered Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Ever since I started this 9-5 grind life, I have discovered this new fabulous world of podcasts. As much as I love listening to my favorite tunes when I’m working, Future just isn’t always office friendly. The great thing about podcasts is that there are shows about almost every topic you can think of. I try to make a conscience effort to support the women of the podcast world and have rounded ten of my favorite podcasts hosted by women. Here is what I am listening to:


Stuff Mom Never Told You

Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin are the two hosts behind this project. They explore 19th century feminist history with an emphasis on politics and race. Topics range from Beyonce’s Feminism to Street Art Sisterhood. Each episode is about an hour long and are very educational.


2 Dope Queens

I’ve been a fan of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams for quite some time, as they are close to my age and two funny, smart, woke queens. Their podcast is relatively new so there is plenty of time to catch up. Each episode they feature one of their favorite comedians for some good ol’ standup and share stories regarding race, sex, hair, and living in New York City. It is the perfect combination of discussing serious issues with a great sense of humor. I am personally a fan of episode five Thank You, Harriet Tubman.


Call Your Girlfriend

Ann Friedman and Amintao Sow speak candidly about social and personal issues. This podcasts reminds me a lot about the friendship between Becca and I because they turned the conversations they have as long distance BFFS into a podcast. Call Your Girlfriend is a reminder of the importance of sisterhood and talking and supporting one another.


Black Girls Talking

Arsia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou are four black women with so many things to say and we should be lucky enough to listen. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s wise, it’s magic.



Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnson proudly nerd out over the airwaves with their podcast. Honestly, they discuss a bunch of topics in science and literature that I had no idea about. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is a great podcast to listen to-Not gonna lie, I’ve never seen an episode and I usually skip over these episodes, seems that they love nerding out to it though.


Improper Etiquette

This is another relatively new podcast and a must have on the list. Married to The Mob creator Leah McSweeney and Hot 97 radio personality Laura Stylez cover a wide variety of topics that reflect their lives in the music and fashion industry. It’s very unfiltered and raw and I think that’s why I enjoy the episodes so much. The conversations come natural and sound like topics you would discuss while smoking and drinking with your homegirls. It’s also because of these two ladies I learned that I might be in a Situationship. But that’s another story.


Modern Love

This is the podcast version of the New York Times column. It showcases Modern Love essays read by celebrities or famous personalities followed by a brief interview with the author of the essay. Each episode is under thirty minutes so good to listen to when you’re crunched for time.


I Want It That Way

Bustle is one of my favorite sites to read daily and it’s no surprise that I am a fan of their podcast.  Lifestyle Editor, Kathryn Kattalia and Associate Video Editor Emily Clair along with plenty of features dive into the sexual questions we are too embarrassed to ask and get the advice from sexual health experts.  It’s kind of like listening to your high school sexual education  class again…but alone.


Death, Sex, & Money

Anna Sale tackles the questions we might not feel comfortable asking or answering around other people. This is actually one of the first podcasts that turned me on to the podcast world. I suggest listening to Living alone and Liking it Sometimes.


#GirlBoss Radio

Now that Sophia Amoruso is no longer running Nasty Gal she is chatting with her fellow girl bosses to learn the lessons they picked up on the way to success. The podcast is obviously titled on her bestseller novel and if you were a fan of the book you’ll enjoy the episodes. It’s great to listen to women who aren’t giving cookie cutter advice. My one complaint with the podcast would be the lack of diversity on the women Sophia interviews.




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