Around the Way: El Salvador

In true Ariel fashion this post is waaaaaaaaay overdue. However, since I am going to Colombia in approximately ten days to visit our girl Mia I thought this would be the perfect time to recap on my some of my most recent trips. I visited El Salvador in November 2015  with my best friend Tatiana and her family. I had just quit my wedding planning job, I couldn’t find another job, and Chicago makes me queasy sometimes.  It all seemed like the perfect reason to pack my bags for the week.

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Vibe to This: New Music from Leah Be. x JuSo -“Unfuckwitable”

It is with great pleasure for us to announce our baby girl Leah Be. is releasing her debut feel-good track “Unfuckwitable” alongside fellow Chicago rapper JuSo with vocals accompanied by Phil Free. The track produced by Wuzii Boi and mixed by HeadAche is the ultimate summer time Chi anthem just off the vibes alone. The wavy instrumental, combined with the back and forth vocals between Leah Be.’s angelic voice and JuSo’s toughness creates the perfect harmony to put any listener in a trance. Continue reading

Female Powered Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Ever since I started this 9-5 grind life, I have discovered this new fabulous world of podcasts. As much as I love listening to my favorite tunes when I’m working, Future just isn’t always office friendly. The great thing about podcasts is that there are shows about almost every topic you can think of. I try to make a conscience effort to support the women of the podcast world and have rounded ten of my favorite podcasts hosted by women. Here is what I am listening to: Continue reading