Around The Way Girl: Mia Spingola

I don’t see it as courage, it’s just something that I’ve wanted my whole life, to just travel, says Mia Spingola as she watches the neighborhood kids of Colombia play soccer, I mean football, outside of her balcony. This Around The Way Girl is living real life goals. She travels the world teaching English and is currently living in Colombia. As a little girl growing up on Chicago’s Northside, Mia always dreamed of traveling the world. Unsure of what path to take, Mia did a lot of transferring for college. She bounced around from Illinois State University, Harold Washington College, to DePaul University where she eventually received her degree in Public Relations. Despite taking the college route, Mia, like many millennials today, would have rather took time off to soul search before jumping the gun on school. Either way, her life path looks like it’s headed in the right direction.  Continue reading

There’s Something About Mary: 20 Reasons Why Mary Jane is Bae

“I’m in love with Mary Jane, she’s my main thang.” The one and only Rick James said it best, and honestly this relationship with Mary Jane is the realist and most committed relationship thus far. So in honor of 4/20 we would like show our appreciation to our beloved Mary. Here’s just 20 out of a million reasons why she makes our heart sang. Continue reading

Around The Way Girl: Vicko Alvarez

I guess I always considered the word hoodrat demeaning. Growing up the word Chola was demeaning. It was one in the same telling these stories with ScholaR. She’s a little girl growing up poor. She’s trying to do well in school and not fall to the pressures of her surroundings.Originally from Dallas, Texas Vicko moved to Chicago in 2006 when she received a scholarship to attend The University of Chicago. At The University of Chicago Vicko double majored in Political Science and Latin American Studies. After graduating in 2010 Vicko began working for non-profits within the Labor movement—a cause that was easy for her to relate to since she came from a working class family. When work began to consume her life and she realized she wasn’t creating art or taking care of herself, Vicko decided to take a step back and focus on herself.

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