11 Ways Broad City Showed Us What A Ride-Or-Die BFF Looks Like

BROAD CITY IS BACK BITCHES!! Our girls Abbi and Ilana are back for season 3! This show is hands down one of our faves because their friendship reminds us so much of ours. Seriously. From the crazy adventures, weird encounters, embarrassing moments, days getting high, and nights being drunk, it’s like a personal memoir. But what really resonates with us is the genuine ride or die love they have for one another. Here are 11 ways that Abbi and Ilana showed us what real ride or die BFF’s look like:

They teach you how to hide weed and inspire you to grow up and find your own personal dealer. 

They convince you to do the most for concert tickets. Real friends will go through whatever it takes to get those Weezy tickets. 

Their communication game is on point.

They sneak into their old college dorms and seduced young boys only so you can steal an air conditioner that you desperately need.

They celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how minor.

They’re always down to beat the system with you.

They tolerate your weird obsessions.

They’ll go as far as ending up in the hospital just to make sure your birthday is perfect. 

They are there to comfort you when there’s something wrong with your vagina.

They never judge your hoe-ness, and vice versa.

No matter how bougie a party is, they are always by your side in support of ratchet behavior. 

Real friends… how many of us…?

Catch the premier of season 3 Broad City at 10pm (ET/PT) on Comedy Central.



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