I Spy #69

For about a year now, our editor Caity and I have been sending each other 69 pics. No, not actual 69 pics ya nasty, but the number 69. Let’s be real, 69 is one of the greatest numbers of all time; along with 420 and 1017 (free Gucci!). Some might call us childish but we’d like to think those humorless folks aren’t living life to the fullest. I mean, the way we feel about a 69 spotting is pretty much the same way that Crocodile Dundee guy got excited over a rare animal. Then once you see it, your eye will forever be trained to catch it.

We’ve always wanted to do something with our 69 pics so today we are manifesting our dream. Here’s 69 pics of the number 69. Can you catch ’em all?


We don’t plan on growing up anytime soon.



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