Watch: A World Without Black History

Ever wonder what the world, especially America, would look like without the contributions made by black people? Hopefully this thought hasn’t crossed your mind, but if it has, here’s the answer in short: it would be lame as fuck. For those that think Black History Month is insignificant, guess again. Watch as the hilarious Franchesca Ramsey break it down ever so bluntly.

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Some Facts We Learned From Juliana Pache’s #BlackLatinxHistory

Earlier this month, Afro-Cuban/Dominican singer, writer, and social media maven Juliana Pache was tired of black history only being limited to the United States. There’s no doubt that the accomplishments of African Americans deserve to be celebrated, however Pache felt that Afro-Latinx’s (‘x’ being gender neutral) tend to be left out of the celebration. So she took to twitter and created the hashtag #BlackLatinxHistory where she tweeted about influential Afro-Latinxs. What she didn’t expect was for the hashtag to go viral and for hundreds to join in on the conversation. juliana

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11 Ways Broad City Showed Us What A Ride-Or-Die BFF Looks Like

BROAD CITY IS BACK BITCHES!! Our girls Abbi and Ilana are back for season 3! This show is hands down one of our faves because their friendship reminds us so much of ours. Seriously. From the crazy adventures, weird encounters, embarrassing moments, days getting high, and nights being drunk, it’s like a personal memoir. But what really resonates with us is the genuine ride or die love they have for one another. Here are 11 ways that Abbi and Ilana showed us what real ride or die BFF’s look like: Continue reading

MCM: DIY Vegan Blueberry Muffins Courtesy of Waka Flocka & Raury

Ever since I began my raw vegan journey a month ago (more on that to come), I like to look up (swoon/drool) various vegan recipes for when I later on start eating cooked vegan food. So far the journey has been HARD AF but I still enjoy cooking and baking for my fam. A friend sent me this gem and never have I ever felt more motivated knowing that my boy Waka Flocka went vegan too!

Watch as he and Raury (dope singer by the way) show off their baking skills in this funny how-to video. Who said gangstas can’t be vegan!? Continue reading

I Spy #69

For about a year now, our editor Caity and I have been sending each other 69 pics. No, not actual 69 pics ya nasty, but the number 69. Let’s be real, 69 is one of the greatest numbers of all time; along with 420 and 1017 (free Gucci!). Some might call us childish but we’d like to think those humorless folks aren’t living life to the fullest. I mean, the way we feel about a 69 spotting is pretty much the same way that Crocodile Dundee guy got excited over a rare animal. Then once you see it, your eye will forever be trained to catch it.

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