Watch: Amandla Stenberg & Friends Sprinkle Teen Vogue With #BlackGirlMagic

Last week, Teen Vogue released their February issue with  17-year-old power girl Amandla Stenberg gracing the cover. What’s so dope about this particular issue was not only the fact that soul goddess Solange wrote the article on Amandla, but also the raw and honest discussion they had on everything BLACK. I mean, two black girls, talking about black girl topics, on Teen Vogue? Where dey do at? Let’s give it up for Black Girl Magic ya’ll.


In the interview, (which really sounded like a conversation between two homies) Amandla spoke on how the lack of black representation in media negatively affected how she perceived herself growing up. This issue is common amongst a lot of black girls, if not all, and is subconsciously the reason behind self-hate. It’s difficult to be your truest self in a world that does not embrace you as yourself. These issues have rarely been discussed publicly until the rise of social media.

When young women like, Amandla and Solange talk about their struggles on loving their blackness, especially in major publications, they are connecting with other black girls across the globe who face the same challenges. It not only creates a sense of community but also promotes comfort and acceptance of their own identity.


In honor of her cover, Amandla co-directed a three part video series for Teen Vogue titled #BlackGirlMagic; where she and her inspiring friends carry out their mission to empower. Watch below.

Things Black Girls are Tired of Hearing:

Black Women Share Their Hair Stories:

Why Black is Beautiful and Powerful:

Yes, Yes, YESSSS to it all! Right on Amandla. Click here to read the full article.




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