Must Watch: #strollingseries

If you haven’t been up on ‘Strolling,’ then get ready ’cause we’re about to put you on to some real shit. Strolling is a global online documentary series created by London based director Cecile Emeke, where she goes on walks with everyday people from various parts of the world and has honest conversations about topics that affect them and their surroundings, from race and gender, to mental health and gentrification, there isn’t a subject that goes unnoticed. Despite the wide array of topics mentioned, Emeke is not shy to admit that Strolling is “unashamedly focused on telling black female stories in particular.”


In her feature with Afropunk, Emeke says:

“I was surprised by how many people felt alone in their thoughts and feelings that were in fact extremely common. I felt there was lack of open dialogue within our demographic on certain subjects. I decided it was about time to start documenting these really profound conversations with seemingly ordinary people and start alleviating some of the alienation. And so strolling was born”

She also adds:

“Strolling challenges the myth that average Joe is disinterested and uninformed. The series bridges the gap between elite academics and ordinary people. Conversations about politics and society should be open to everyone, as opposed to being confined to institutions and those with degrees in cultural studies. These subjects are more than abstract concepts; they are people’s everyday realities.”



The series started about a year ago but its success has already caught the attention of several major publications such as The New York Times, BBC and The FADER, to name a few. The Strolling USA episode first aired last month and coincidentally it featured a girl that lived in Chicago! Check it out below.

Be sure to show #strollingseries some love and support! For more episodes and information go to and follow on Twitter/IG @strollingseries.



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