“You’re from Chicago?” Frequently Asked Questions Chicagoans are Tired of

Whether you move out of the city entirely, or step out for a vacation, it is inevitable that being from Chicago is a conversation starter. It’s a cool underdog city that many don’t know much about, so of course people are gonna want to know what’s up with good ol’ “Chiraq.” Unfortunately, with ignorance comes annoying questions. So we asked a couple of Chicagoans what were some of the questions they commonly got asked from outsiders and here’s what we came up with:

You’re from Chiraq/ Chi town?!

No, Chicago.


Do you usually hear gun shots?



What’s it like growing up in Chicago?

Do you want me to say ‘rough’?

Are you actually from the city or the burbs?

Highly offended.


Where in Chicago are you from?

I mean, if I were to say Logan or Uptown would you really know or are you asking just to start conversation?


Are you from the south side?

There’s more to Chicago than the south side and not every black or Latino person is from there.


What’s the south side like?

Go find out.


Is Chicago really as bad as they say it is?

What are they saying?


Are you a [insert any Chicago sports team] fan?

I’m from Chicago, why wouldn’t I be? Unless it’s deciding between the Sox or Cubs. Plus you’re not ready to discuss Chicago sports with a Chicagoan.


What’s up with your boy Derrick Rose?

Don’t go there.


Do you guys always eat deep dish?

No man, we have other bomb pizza too. Let it go.


I heard it’s windy out there?

Really? You heard huh? …You know what, it kind of is when you think about it.


Chicagoan: Man it’s cold.

Outsider: You’re from Chicago, shouldn’t you be used to the cold?

I’m still a human being. I get cold.




It’s okay, you don’t know you’re being annoying!





One thought on ““You’re from Chicago?” Frequently Asked Questions Chicagoans are Tired of

  1. Yes!!! People don’t understand how hurt we are about D Rose! And they assume we enjoy the cold and have become immune to it and enjoy it.


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