Around The Way Girls in the Art World

If you couldn’t tell by your Instagram or Twitter feed, this year’s Art Basel Miami officially kicked off yesterday Wednesday, Dec. 3rd and will continue on until the 6th. Every year we say we’re gonna go, and every year fail. So in honor of our FOMO, we’re having our own Art Basel “Around the Way Girl Edition.” Without further adeux, meet some of today’s most talked about women artists.

Shantell Martin

shantell martin 3

Born: 1980
Hometown: London, England
Lives and Works: New York, NY
Twitter/IG: @shantell_martin
Art Style: Lines and illustrations with simple black ink on white surface. Whimsical and map like with the use of characters and messages. Her canvas ranges from walls, found objects, ceramics, luxury goods, sneakers, and even skin.
Recent Commissions: NYFW S/S 2016 mural, Viacom headquarters Time Square, Brooklyn Museum, Bonnaroo Festival

Sue Tsai

Born: 1987
Hometown: New York, NY
Lives and Works: New York, NY
Blog: ;
Twitter/IG: @suetsai
Art Style: Bold, edgy and feminine. Combines art, fashion, and pop culture with acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media sculpture.
Recent Commissions: Cover art for Wale’s “Bad” single
Will be showcased at Art Basel Miami 2015

Lakwena Maciver

Born: 1986
Hometown: London, England
Lives and Works: London, England
Twitter/IG: @lakwenamaciver ; @lakwena
Art Style: Elaborate large scale paintings and murals. Bright kaleidoscopic colors, bold shapes and patterns combined with positive messages.
Recent Commissions: Art Basel 2013 โ€˜Women on the Wallsโ€™, Adidas, American Eagle Outfitters, Clinique, Converse, Diesel, Palladium Boots, Red Bull stage at Notting Hill Carnival 50th Anniversary

Mickalene Thomas

Born: 1971
Hometown: Camden, NJ
Lives and Works: New York, NY
Twitter/IG: @lakwenamaciver ; @lakwena
Art Style: Collage-like mixed media paintings embelished with rhinestones, bright acrylic colors and enamel. Her subject primarily focuses on black women and the ideas around femininity, beauty, sexuality and power. Her work also includes photogrpahy and film.
Recent Commissions: Art in Ebassies Program Senegal, Norton Museum of Art, Art Basel Switzerland, Barclays Center
Will be showcased at Art Basel Miami 2015

Mashael Fal

Born: 1979
Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Lives and Works: Saudi Arabia
IG: @mashaelfal
Art Style: Oil paint on large canvases. Her objects usually include powerful images of beautiful masked women representing her Saudi culture combined with her modern beliefs of girl power.
Recent Commissions: Light design at Istituto Europeo Di Design Milan

Petra Collins


Born: 1992
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lives and Works: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter/IG: @petracollins ; @petrafcollins
Art Style: Portrait and fashion photographer with 35mm. Challenges the taboo ideologies of women’s bodies and femininity. Also designs neon light fixtures with women empowered statements.
Recent commissions: American Apparel, Vice magazine, Vogue Italia, Urban Outfitters, Purple magazine, Rookie magazine, Nylon magazine
Will be showcased at Art Basel Miami 2015

Jen Stark

Born: 1983
Hometown: Miami, FL
Lives and Works: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter/IG: @jen_stark ; @jenstark
Art Style: Paper sculptures and animation. Plays with the idea of infinity by using trippy patterns of bright colors, lines, and shapes found in nature.
Recent Commissions: Cosmopolitan cover July 2015 issue, MTV VMA’s 2015 for Miley Cyrus, The Surf Lodge mural, Facebook building mural, Miami International Airport mural
Will be showcased at Art Basel Miami 2015

Grace Miceli

Born: 1988
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Lives and Works: New York, NY
IG: @artbabygirl
Art Style: Child-like illustrations using marker or paint that pokes fun at 90’s teen-girl culture. Currently runs her own online art gallery.

Tara Sinn

Born: 1975
Hometown: North Carolina
Lives and Works: New York, NY
Blog: http://www.iamyourpoweranimal
Twitter/IG: @endlessanimal ; @ili__ili
Art Style: Trippy, saturated, early millenium style Illustrations, motion graphics, and videos.
Recent commissions: Nasty Gal, Apology magazine

Juliana Huxtablejuliana6

Born: 1987
Hometown: Bryan-College Station, Texas
Lives and Works: New York, NY
Twitter/IG: @huxtablejuliana ; @julianahuxtable
Art Style: Modeling with the installed backgrounds and colorful lighting. Also includes music and poetry.
Recent commissions: Museum of Modern Art New York, soundtrack for Hood by Air F/W14 runway show
Will be featured at Art Basel Miami 2015


Find out about more artists and what’s happening at Art Basel Miami by heading over to the officialย website!



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