Must Watch: #strollingseries

If you haven’t been up on ‘Strolling,’ then get ready ’cause we’re about to put you on to some real shit. Strolling is a global online documentary series created by London based director Cecile Emeke, where she goes on walks with everyday people from various parts of the world and has honest conversations about topics that affect them and their surroundings, from race and gender, to mental health and gentrification, there isn’t a subject that goes unnoticed. Despite the wide array of topics mentioned, Emeke is not shy to admit that Strolling is “unashamedly focused on telling black female stories in particular.” Continue reading

“You’re from Chicago?” Frequently Asked Questions Chicagoans are Tired of

Whether you move out of the city entirely, or step out for a vacation, it is inevitable that being from Chicago is a conversation starter. It’s a cool underdog city that many don’t know much about, so of course people are gonna want to know what’s up with good ol’ “Chiraq.” Unfortunately, with ignorance comes annoying questions. So we asked a couple of Chicagoans what were some of the questions they commonly got asked from outsiders and here’s what we came up with: Continue reading

Around The Way Girls in the Art World

If you couldn’t tell by your Instagram or Twitter feed, this year’s Art Basel Miami officially kicked off yesterday Wednesday, Dec. 3rd and will continue on until the 6th. Every year we say we’re gonna go, and every year fail. So in honor of our FOMO, we’re having our own Art Basel “Around the Way Girl Edition.” Without further adeux, meet some of today’s most talked about women artists.

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