The Turn Up: Party Noire at The Promontory

While lovers were caked up on Sweetest Day this past Saturday, the rest of us were turning up at The Promontory for Party Noire. This was the second event, hosted by the lovelies Nick Alder from Black Girl Fly Magazine, Lauren Ash from Black Girl in Om, and Chicago DJ Rae Chardonnay.

“We are cultivating a space for our people, black people, black women to be in particular,” says Lauren. “And I think as diverse as Chicago is, we still need more spaces like this where we can express joy, fun, and good vibes only with other people who share our experiences.”


The liquor was flowing, the music was right, and the vibes were on a hunnit. Party Noire isn’t like any other pretentious event where people are “too cool” to dance and make new friends. Here, everyone is so loved that it felt like you walked into a family reunion.

“I want people to leave with authentic connections with people,” Lauren adds. “I know that last time people have cultivated friendships since the last Party Noire. Chicago is huge and we all roll in different circles, but this space has already demonstrated that it can really bring people together in a meaningful and a positive way.”


Girl power was also in full effect as bad ass girl DJ’s Rae Chardonnay and Adora Tokyo were spreading their music magic through out the day. They had the crowd rocking with the perfect variety of soul to house music, to straight up trap and hip hop. Other than the music, what really got the crowd vibing was how much these girls loved what they were doing. Their energy was contagious!

“I just love the fact that now in this promotional DJ-ing game that women are doing it. It’s the best way to go,” said DJ KWestOn; the only male DJ on the roster and OG in the game.

If you thought DJ KWestOn felt some type of way about being outnumbered by women, guess again. “I’m use to it,” he shrugs, trying to play it cool. Then that nonchalant demeanor quickly fell into a playful laugh.

“These are my girls, ” he adds, “I like what they stand for. I’m like the old man in the crew, and this is a continuation of stuff my age group started years ago. A lot of people talk about the younger generation not being into good music; I’m lucky I’m exposed to so many people, regardless of age, who are into great music, who are honest and fun, and not to mention you guys are stylish as fuck. I love it.”

There’s doubt that Party Noire was a hit and co-curator Nick was not shy about expressing her excitement.

“I feel very good. The first experience was amazing so I didn’t have any fears as to whether this second one was going to be good. I already knew it was going to be turnt! There’s a lot of new faces that I haven’t seen before so it feels very good.”

If you missed it last week, don’t trip! Party Noire will be happening every month. Follow @partynoire on Instagram for more updates.



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