All the Pretty People Were at Afropunk Fest 2015

We went through MAJOR FOMO this weekend as Afropunk fest was going down in Brooklyn. What started back in 2005 has now grown into a movement bringing black people together to celebrate black culture, positive vibes, individuality, and music. This year’s lineup included queens like Ms. Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones, SZA, Kelela and Kelis to name a few. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the foine Lenny Kravitz was in attendance. With great music comes great style, and Afropunk brings out nothing but the best of the best fashion eye-candy. Take a look at some of the beautiful Afropunk festival goers in their GLOry. Continue reading

Around The Way Girl: Rasheedat Olabisi

‘Become a doctor,’Β  is the African proverb that most first generation African kids have heard all their lives. It was no different for 27-year-old Rasheedat Olabisi, until her mother realized her advice was falling on deaf ears, so she switched it to, ‘marry a doctor’. OKAY?! Don’t get it twisted though, Rasheedat’s career path isn’t one to disappoint neither. Not only does she have a degree in Child and Family Development, she also has her Master’s in Social work and is currently working in her field as well as running Chicago’s popular African publication company called The Gist Magazine. Rasheedat is on a mission to not only produce the flyist magazine, but also to bridge the gap between African and American cultures and highlight the successful young Africans who didn’t become doctors. Continue reading

Netflix and Chill: Documentary Picks for the Week

We at The Around The Way are documentary junkies. Living in a world where our TVs are infested with “reality” shows, documentaries are a breath of fresh air. We have come to the conclusion that we’ve watched all types of interesting documentaries from educational, to funny, to down right strange as fuck. It’s only right that we share some of our favorites with you. Here’s our pick for this week: Continue reading

Around The Way Girl: Vivian Johnson

Vivian Johnson is every parent’s dream kid: Master’s by 24, degrees in business and in marketing, scholarship recipient, grad school paid for, active in extra circular work, GPA above a 3.7, didn’t have to take the GMAT, and has a great corporate job related to her field. Sounds like her life is all set, right? In the words of the great Chief Keef, “NAH.” All it took was Vivian living out her life long corporate dream to find out her true calling was really in fashion blogging. No matter how crazy her life path may seem, this young girl from the STL is confident that she’s headed in the right direction, aiming to empower women one closet at a time. “Everything that is put in place is set up for you to succeed. God doesn’t set you up to fail.” Continue reading