CTA Blues: Reasons Why the CTA Struggle Gets Too Real

Public transportation is a way of life in Chicago. Growing up, riding the train was the beginning of your independence. It taught you how to navigate throughout the city, what creepos to avoid, how to be observant, and pretty much how to be smart in these streets. To many,  it may seem cool riding around a big city and being among the hustle and bustle, but when you’ve been doing this almost your whole life, the shit gets old. If you’re new to the CTA, welcome, and get acquainted to the struggle. Here are the things that suck about the CTA. Continue reading

Around The Way: Miami

This is literally two months overdue but my trip to Miami is still fresh in my mind and I feel like I haven’t left vacation mode since.

Anyways, near the end of March my friend Tatiana had to take a trip to Miami as part of her final quarter project. Boo-hoo. Knowing that she would have a couple days to explore and run wild, I decided to book a trip myself along with my sister and cousin. Our friend Lissette met us as well.

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Around The Way Girl: Asia Jones

Asia Jones aka A$ has a message for you, “Screw the traditional ‘after college you should be here’ shit because it doesn’t matter.”  Can we get an AMEN? Asia’s story proves to us once again that life is all about taking risks and fully reaching your highest potential, no matter what people say or think. With that being said, Asia took her English literature degree from DePaul University and decided to go left. After leaving Chicago for the West Coast, traveling, experiencing life and falling in love with yoga, the 28-year-old gangsta yogi is on a mission to evolve the traditional views of yoga and make it more welcoming for the urban community with the birth of Trap Yoga. Now living in New York, she embarks on a new journey and we couldn’t be any more inspired! Continue reading