DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t gotten mom a gift yet don’t worry, we got you covered. DIY gifts are always extra special because they take a lot more time, effort and thought–but things can get messy if you’re creatively challenged. To make things a little easier we rounded up some of the best, easy to make, DIY Mother’s Day gifts we can find, sure to please any mom (and make you the favorite child).

Put Your Gift in a Jar:

There’s plenty you could do here depending on the kind of mom you have. The idea is to find a jar, or even a basket, and fill it up with some cute fun things your mom will like. Instead of splurging on one big gift you can fill up a jar with smaller gifts that your mom will love just as much. Try sticking to a theme if you can. This spa jar is perfect for a mom who needs a little pampering. Throw in her favorite nail colors, a face mask and any other beauty products your mom could use.


Help Mom Relax:

With just TWO ingredients, yes, only two, you can make thisΒ relaxing lavender bath salt to help mom unwind after a long day.


Brighten Up Her Garden:

One of the most common gifts to give on Mother’s Day is flowers or a plant. Take your gift to the next level by personalizing a Terra Cotta pot with some acrylic paints. You can can get creative and paint your pot anyway you like, or follow this tutorial for a “rainbow pour pot.”


Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

This has got to be one of the easiest gifts to put together. All you need is an organizer box and some of your mom’s favorite candies. Get the details here.


Teacup Candles

I saw a few ways to make these online but this tutorial was definitely the easiest. These cute vintage teacup candles look a lot harder to make than they actually are. Mom will think you got all Martha Stewart on her.

Say I Love You

This is a really cute, simple idea using a deck of cards to tell your mom all the reasons why you love her. You may want to include a box of Kleenex with this one.


Flowery Monogram

This really beautiful blooming monogram is a beautiful piece to give to your mom this Mother’s Day. Fake flowers never looked so good.


Homemade gifts aren’t just for the Kindergarten classroom anymore. So go out there and get crafty! Or at the very least, send her a card.




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