Playlist: So Chicago

Chicago has often been overlooked in the music industry but as of lately the city is making a lot of noise with artists like Chance The Rapper, Tink, Jeremih, and Lil’ Durk holding down the scene. People assume that Chicago’s music scene only consists of Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco but in reality our hip-hop and r&b has been poppin in the city since the 90’s, you just didn’t know it. Chicago’s sound ranges all over. There’s the soul from the city’s deep roots in blues, the dance upbeat tempo of juke and house music and the bass filled drill sounds of the streets. 

This by far was the most fun playlist to make because it brought back memories of being a teenager in the Chi. Unfortunately SoundCloud is lacking on a lot of Chicago throwbacks so this playlist is missing classic joints from OG’s like Bump J, Rhymefest, and L.E.P. Bogus Boys. If it weren’t for that, this playlist would have probably been 48 hours long.

So if you’re from Chicago, young and old, this playlist is for you. And if you’re not, welcome to our sound. CHICAGO STAND UP.



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