Today marks the 178th birthday of the city that raised us and made us, Chicago!

Although we may bitch, moan, and complain about her (and sometimes move away from her) there is no city that has our hearts like Chicago.

Here are 15 things we love about Ms. Windy:


Summer Time Chi

There is nothing like summer time Chi! Even people from other cities will tell you that Chicago is the best city in the summer, hands down. We’ve got beaches, festivals, block parties, party parties, events, and miscellaneous fun (and free) things to do EVERY DAY. It’s no wonder why we lose our minds during the summer.


Lake Shore Drive

It’s the closest thing we have to the Pacific Coast Highway, but more urban. Still just as scenic and beautiful.

4 a.m. Bars

Visiting other cities you’ll quickly learn that they don’t go as hard as Chicago when it comes to partying or drinking (okay maybe New York and Miami too). However, Chicago is the real MVP with GQ rating us as “The Best Drinking City” in 2014.



Chicago is a foodie city, so good food is not hard to come by. Especially yummy greasy street food.


No matter where you’re from Chicago always feels like home because it has a community spirit. The city is made up of individual neighborhoods with residents that know one another and care about the neighborhood they live in. You’ll always run into someone that knows your name.

Bulls Games

Bulls games are a place where Chicagoans gather to get shitfaced, represent our beloved team and fight with any one that doesn’t fuck with us. Good times.

Chicago Exteriors And Landmarks

Michael Jordan

Needs no explanation.

Patrick Kane

He’s our Derrick Rose of hockey minus actually being from Chicago. We still love him because he brought us the Stanley Cup TWICE.

Derrick Rose

Our hometown hero and MVP. Yeah Chicago might not be feeling him at the moment but we still have his back.

Kanye West

The musical genius that put Chicago on the map. He may be a douche but we love this douche so much.



There are very few cities that actually have a beach located in the heart of the city. Most cities either charge or you have to drive to get there.

Free Museums

We have some of the best museums, like The Art Institute that was voted “Best Museum in the World.”  And unlike other cities, we have FREE museum days! Check museum websites for details.


The Elote Man

Oh the Elote Man, or woman, has provided Chicagoans with delicious Mexican street snacks for God knows how long. They are also very reliable as to their times and location no matter the weather. We don’t know what Chicago would be without them.


The Grid

Chicago was built on a simple grid structure that makes it easy to maneuver throughout the city. This is something that can be taken for granted once you visit or live in different cities. It makes you wonder why other cities had to be so complicated.


This is another thing about Chicago we take for granted. Chicago’s public transportation may annoy us but our system is pretty damn good compared to others.

Share what you love about Chicago below!

Enjoy your birthday Ms. Windy!



Rebecca & Ariel


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