San Diego Eats: Café Coyote

I have come to the belief that I might have been Mexican some past lives ago because I LOVE me some damn Mexican food. Of course soul food is my first love but I can honestly eat Mexican food almost every day. It’s probably also the reason why I vibe so well with Ariel and her family; they can sense my inner Mexican.

Coyote6 Coyote5

Since I moved to San Diego, I have been blessed to be surrounded by Mexican food. From food trucks, street carts, and restaurants, Mexican food is everywhere! I always prefer the little hole in the wall joints because I always think those places have the best food, however Café Coyote deserves its shine.

Coyote2 Coyote1

Located in the historical Old Town district, Café Coyote has been one of San Diego’s Landmark Restaurants and has been voted Best Mexican Restaurant every year since 2005. This family owned restaurant has been around for 25 years and receives so many guests from all over the world because Old Town is the most tourist visited area in San Diego, bringing in 6,000,000 visitors a year.


Café Coyote is a great place for any occasion because it is filled with so much energy. The place itself looks like a building out of Mexico with its bright colorful murals, festive decor,  and hard clay structure. It is very spacious with big open windows and half outdoor seating, which makes it perfect for people watching or to just watch the tortilla ladies make your tortillas outside. At nights it gets loud and lively, especially with the live Mariachi band playing in the background. Inside Café Coyote they have multiple little shops with South American imports. What is very unique about Café Coyote is that it is one of two certified Tequila Houses in the United States and serves up to 100 different tequilas, including their in-house tequilas.





The food here is phenomenal. It tastes like someone’s abuela made it straight from her kitchen–fresh and authentic. If you are ever in San Diego, I highly recommend Café Coyote. Check it out yourself!


Café Coyote Restaurant: 2461 San Diego Avenue, San Diego CA 92110 | M-F 7am-10pm |
Telephone: 619-291-4695



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