PSA: Resting Bitch Face & Resting Nice Face Epidemic

Resting Bitch Face is an epidemic that affects women all over the world as well as their loved ones and innocent bystanders caught in the crossfires. Today, many are aware of this condition and ever since the outbreak about every girl has either claimed to have it or wished they did.
Think about how bad ass it is for a chick to walk around with an unintentional mean mug intimidating those around her and warding off unwanted conversation and attention. As cool as it may sound, RBF is a serious condition as we know since both of our little sisters have been diagnosed with it. Women suffering from Resting Bitch Face experience annoying symptoms such as a distaste for everything, side eyes, and being told to smile.

Ariel and I also thought we were diagnosed with RBF until we realized that our symptoms proved to be the exact opposite. So what is our diagnosis? The answer was unknown until Buzzfeed came up with the most genius yet simple name for this condition: Resting Nice Face. Some symptoms of Resting Nice Face include being a welcome mat for strangers, not being taken seriously when upset, and always being mistaken for flirting. .

If you or your loved one suffer from any of these conditions contact your local liquor store or weed dealer for help. No cures have been found yet.




2 thoughts on “PSA: Resting Bitch Face & Resting Nice Face Epidemic

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