Around The Way: Cali Recap

I’m a winter baby who constantly craves the sun–I would like to think it is my Mexican and Puerto Rican blood that has made me this way. Winter is cool until New Years and I can deal with most of January, but by February I have complete Winter Madness. Before you’re like, “You’re from Chicago, you should be use to winter,”  I’m not. I would like to meet the person who can deal with blizzards and below zero temperatures until March. Continue reading

Around The Way Girl: Marissa McDowell

“It’s not always about the destination, but more about the journey.”  These words are hard to live by when we live in a age where life seems like a competition that everyone is trying to win first place in. Not for  26-year-old Marissa McDowell! The Cleveland native knew after graduating with a BA in Fashion Merchandising from the competitive fashion school at Kent State University that life in the fashion world was going to have it’s hurdles, and she’s ready. Although she feels like she’s late in the fashion game, her impressive résumé says otherwise. They do say the Midwest do it best!
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NYC Eats: Sylvia’s, Dallas BBQ, Lemon Grass Grill and More

By now you can tell that we love food, a lot. Whether we’re eating in our own city or eating in other cities, it’s safe to say that it’s one of our favorite activities. In fact, eating is one of the best things to do when traveling–it’s like another way to get to know the city. Luckily for me, this past week I was in one of the best food cities in country, NYC! I was so excited to try everything that in some cases I slammed all of my food before I had the chance to take a picture. Although I didn’t have my camera, I was able to get some iPhone pics of the food from some of the smaller joints. All I can say is I ate good this past week and I want to go back to NYC for more!

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Around The Way: Naomi Campbell Fashion for Relief 2015 NYFW Recap

I had the pleasure of coming back to work a few shows for F/W 2015 New York Fashion Week, as well as attending Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show to raise money for Ebola awareness. Unfortunately due to CFDA rules, volunteers are not allowed to take pictures during shows, and on top of that, my camera broke so I couldn’t even take pictures of dope NYC fashion, street art or food– double whammy! It’s all good though; I worked with what I got. Here’s a recap of F/W 2015 collections for Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief event. Continue reading