Around The Way Girl: Walta Abraham

” …Our mission would be to introduce the youth to history and current events of people of African American descent, and that way they can enhance their self esteem and self awareness and be passionate about the community.”  If you looked back at your 20-year-old self, you would realize that your main priorities were partying and surviving college life. Well, not for this 20-year-old. Walta Abraham may not consider herself a young activist, but she definitely is one in the making with her new organization she started with her friend called the Black History Project. Alongside balancing her major as a civil engineer at University of Missouri (MIZZOU) and a social life, Walta is passionate about uplifting the black youth in Chicago in her spare time. With her intellect, big heart, and beautiful soul, there is no doubt her good karma will come back full circle and filled with success. Continue reading

National Hellenic Museum: The Greek Monsters & The Street is My Gallery

I’ve been crazy obsessed with Greek mythology since I was a kid, so when I saw there was an exhibit at the National Hellenic Museum in Greektown called “The Greek Monsters,” I had to go. “The Greek Monsters” runs until May 2015 and is a must see. Each exhibition is accompanied by a poem depicting the ancient Greek monster on display. Hanging figurines, sculptures, stenciled images and even audio are used to capture these monsters of Greek mythology. Check out a couple of my favorite pieces below: Continue reading

Life in Chiberia: Worst Things About Wintertime Chi

Man, oh man! The Polar Vortex has official arrived and turned Chicago into Chiberia. Last week Chicago was hit with layers of snow and bone chilling, below zero temperatures that put Chicagoans back into their yearly winter blues. It is the only time of year you will catch Chicagoans hating on their own city, and pretty much everything else in life. Luckily for me, I’m writing this in 70 degree California weather while my home girl Ariel and the rest of my family and friends are back home freezing to death. As I am beyond grateful to not be out there suffering with everyone else, my heart goes out to Chicagoans because the winter will drive you CRAZY. For those who are blessed to not know what life in an arctic tundra is like, here are some the worst things, to give you an idea. Trust us, the winter is not always pretty. Continue reading