Here’s To 2015

2015 is creeping up on us and we couldn’t be any more excited. Not because we want to get 2014 over and done with, but because we are excited for what’s in store for the new year.
A lot has happened in the last three months that has helped us grow into better people. In October we launched The Around The Way and since then it has opened the door for us to connect with amazing women, create opportunities, and learn new things. And we’re still learning! But even within that short time we have received so much love and continue to do so. We are EXTREMELY humbled and grateful for all of the support. The way 2014 ended so well, we are feeling positive vibes for 2015 and want to send you those vibes as well. Here’s to a better us! Here’s to a year filled with spiritual growth, knowledge, health, love, fortune, and success! Here’s to happiness! Here’s to the Queen movement!

We’ll be back next week. Have a fun and safe New Years!



Rebecca & Ariel



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