Around The Way: Sunday Funday Recap

Yesterday my family and I had planned on driving out to Pasadena for an art showcase that displayed work done by students in Ethiopia. However, the way the Beyenes work, we can never get anywhere on time so we ended up spending our Sunday at Coronado Island Beach.

coronado28     coronado30coronado Collage

Coronado is a small island ten minutes outside of the city of San Diego but is still part of the county. It is seriously the cutest little beach town ever. Think of the bougie town in the movie Stepford Wives, minus the creepiness, and add beaches and palm trees, and you have Coronado. I’m not sure if I did it much justice but it’s a nice place to hang out with small locally owned businesses.

coronado27 coronado26

As soon as we got to Coronado we were stopped by a nice lady who suggested we check out a cool new art gallery that had just opened up. In her words, “you guys look like you need to see some art.” WOAH, we thought, what a coincidence!  Little did we know, that cool lady ended up being the owner, so we went because we felt it was meant to be.


The gallery is called Emerald C Gallery. Most of the shops and restaurants have a nautical theme since Coronado is on the water. Anyways, the gallery is so dope. It showcases local and regional art and every piece is off the chain. Even the layout of the whole gallery is a work of art itself; very easy on the eyes. I can’t get over how sweet the owner Penny is. Most artists and gallery owners are never too fond of people taking pictures of the art but she told me to “snap away!” She encourages you to enjoy the art and wants you to see every piece. If I were ballin’ shot callin’ I would buy just about everything.


We also came across this little Zen garden shop that sells handmade natural soaps and candles that smell like heaven, jewelry, crystals and other little trinkets. I guess the positive vibes drew us into the shop as well because the people there are also super nice. All in all it was a great Sunday.








Emerald C. Gallery: 1331 Orange Ave Coronado, CA| Hours 10a.m.- 6p.m.|

Earth, Wind, & Sea: 1303 Orange Ave Coronado, CA| (619) 522-9633|



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