Playlist: Rebel Music

The United States has been in uproar since the justice system failed to indict  Mike Brown’s and Eric Garner’s killers. State to state, people of all ages, races and backgrounds have come together in peaceful protest to stand up against the government and its flawed system against people of color, especially Black people. Not only are people coming together in the U.S., but all over the world as well!

Palestine stands with Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

london protest
Die-in protest of 600 people at London’s Westfield shopping center.


U.S. Congress staffers staged a walk out with their hands up.


It is AMAZING that we are standing together and creating a movement. Kendrick Lamar said it best in his song Hiiipower, “the sky is fallin’, the wind is callin’, stand for somethin’ or die in the mornin’.” Here is a playlist that will fuel your inner revolutionary and have you feeling like a rebel.




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