December Reads

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Me Before You By Jojo Moyes: **WARNING: THIS BOOK IS A TOTAL TEARJERKER**  Louisa (Lou) Clark is a working-class girl living a simple life in a tiny village in England. Will Traynor, once a successful businessman, is now wheelchair bound after an accident and ends his life as he knew it–big city, extreme sports, beautiful women, and world travel. After Lou loses her job as a waitress she accepts a position as Will’s caregiver.  It is a bumpy start as Will is very pessimistic about his life and feels as though Lou is wasting her own, which makes him even more resentful. Over time an odd friendship develops because Lou is the first person to not put up with his negativity and actually treat him like a human. However, when Lou discovers that Will has plans of his own, she makes it her mission to show him that life is still worth living.

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Dark Places By Gillian FlynnPrior to reading Dark Places, I read Gone Girl  by Flynn and was completely obsessed. It was a fast-paced psychological thriller that gave me nightmares, but somehow I couldn’t put it down. Before I even finished that novel I bought Dark Places.

In Dark Places, the narrator, Libby, is a thirty-something anti-social woman who managed to escape her childhood home while her mother and sisters were being brutally murdered, supposedly by her older brother, Ben, in what looked like a Satanic Cult ritual. Twenty-five years later a group of investigators contact Libby, trying to prove Ben’s innocence, although she is not sure if she even believes that he is innocent. There are so many twists and turns and the novel is incredibly violent and shocking that it makes Gone Girl look like a Disney movie. Just don’t read this alone!

Both novels would make a great Christmas gift for the readers in your family! Don’t like reading? Don’t worry, both novels are being made into movies in 2015!



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