Thankful Ladies

Happy Thanksgiving…. well, almost! We are both very fortunate with our lives and have much to be thankful for during this holiday season! Although we always give thanks to the family who made us, the food on our table every night, and the fact we have a warm place to sleep, we thought we would have a bit of fun with what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving. Please note this isn’t in any particular order and we can write essays on how much our family, friends, and health mean to us, but we have to help prep for tomorrow’s feast! Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks not only this holiday season, but every day!


1. Pizza and Tacos

photo 3 (3) photo 1 (2)

2. My mooooommmmyyy and  My Siblings

photo 5 (1)

4. Frankenstein (My six year old monster dog, whom I can’t live without)


5. My girl gang (Rebecca & Margaret, my trippy hippies, my Latina Baes, my Tavern squirrels. Ya’ll are the best)

6. My Boo


7. My apartment and having a warm place to sleep every night

8. Drish, a great mentor on life and work

9. My health

10. Sunshine



1. My family

photo 2 (4)

2. My health and spiritual growth…myself as a whole


3. Cute clothes/ shoes/ accessories

photo 1 (3)

4. HBO-GO and X-finity

5. Good Food like tacos, chicken wings with honey mustard/ mild sauce/ BBQ, OMG BBQ food, donuts and pastries, fries, pineapples, breakfast…the list can go on and on

6. My friends

photo (4) photo (3)

7. Books


8. Good music

9. My good nails and skin

photo 3 (5)

10. Having a place to lay my head

11. Surviving school

photo 4 (4)

12. being a strong woman

13. My baby Hershey (the goofiest rudest unladylike human dog who hates bows and other dogs)


14. Mary Jane


15. My Culture (Chicago Ethiopian)

IMG_4236-0.JPG IMG_5661-0.JPG

HAPPY THANKSGIVING AROUND THE WAY READERS!! We only keep doing this because of the great feedback we’ve been getting. We are both also very thankful for the ladies we feature, who inspire us every single week. Seriously, we re-read the interviews and get chills! We will be back Monday, starting December off with a bang!!


Ariel & Rebecca

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