Let’s Get Pretty! Beauty Blogger’s Workshop At Bellus Academy

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis past weekend The Around The Way had the pleasure of attending the Bellus Academy Beauty Blogger’s Workshop in Poway, California. Just when we thought we already knew what we needed to know about beauty, this workshop proved us wrong. Thanks to Bellus Academy’s own beauty gurus, we got schooled on our hair, nails, and makeup game.

The award list for Bellus Academy from 2008 and on is endless. Considered as “the Harvard of beauty schools,” Bellus Academy is ranked top three internationally in Intercoiffure’s Best Schools. The school has a proud record of producing some of the best industry professionals that have landed careers with Wella, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire and Cosmo, to name a few. Not only is Bellus a top notch beauty school, it is also an excellent spa and salon that offers a wide range of services. Lucky for us, we got to enjoy complimentary beauty treatments as well as awesome tutorials! Here are some tips that we learned:

Hair (by Erik Thrane @erikthranecolorist)


  • For the girls who have a hard time holding curls in their hair: Right after curling your hair with a curling iron, use your fingers to roll your hair back up and pin it with a bobby pin. The heat from the iron on your hair will help hold the curl shape. Do this before getting dressed. The longer the curls are pinned up the longer they last.
  • For slick ponytails: To avoid fly-away strands and complete a sleek look, spray hair spray on your paddle brush then slick your ponytail. That way you skip having to alternate between spray and brush, and creating bumps… How did we not think of that?!
  • Hair ties: We’ve all had that moment where we ruined a perfect bun or ponytail because of having to twist our hair tie round and around. Instead, hook two bobby pins on opposite sides of a hair tie. Once you have your hair in place, stick one bobby pin downwards at the top of your pony tail then wrap the hair tie around. Secure with the other bobby pin when it’s tight enough.
  • Bobby pins: Bobby pins are not meant to be opened; They don’t hold as well. When pinning, weave the bobby pin at the end of your hair that’s being pinned, then secure. It holds better and looks cleaner.

Makeup (by Marina Estrella @marinaaestrellamua)


  • Eye primer: Use a non-cream primer. Cream primers tend to crease more on eyelids.
  • Eye shadow: Use dark nude eye shadow to create a crease and add definition to eyelids.
  • Sponges: Break your makeup sponges; it absorbs makeup better.
  • When blending eye shadow: Don’t blend up to the brow bone. You lose shape and dimension that way.
  • Eyelids: Work light to dark on eye lids, it’s easier to cover up mistakes.


  • Eye shadow: Blend colors by flicking your brush upward. This makes for a smooth color transition.
  • Blending: Blend halfway to 2/3 into the lid. Don’t stroke the brush; do gradients by patting the lids.
  • Eye shadow: Use darker colors closer to the crease and outer corner. Use lighter colors closer the inner corner and away from the crease.
  • Cheeks and lips: Both should be within the same color family, unless you want otherwise.
  • Eyebrows: Highlight your brow bone by packing in makeup below the eyebrows first, then brush down.
  •  Eyeliner: Water activated cake liner works best for a winged line, it creates a better edge.
    • Gel liner has more of a soft edge, but it’s best for beginners.
    • Keep your eyes open and follow for winged eyeliner instead of closing.


Nails (by Ally Caraveo @allycaraveo)


  • Polish: Use acrylic paint! Yes, you read right. Using paint helps with blending and adding colors. Regular polish sometimes is too thin and doesn’t show up against other colors.
  • Painting: Start with thin lines then come back after applying to other nails.
  • Brushes: For designs, use craft brushes from art stores. Trim the brush by cutting downwards so you have a pointy tip.
  • Top coat: Seal paint with top coat, preferably a gel coat. Don’t forget to seal edges to prevent from chipping!
  • Cleaning: Soak brushes in acetone, then water, then rub cuticle oil or lotion on them so they don’t dry out.
  • Discoloration: Ever get that yellow tint after removing nail polish? Yes, some colors can cause these tints, but it’s mainly due to products you use or put on your hands, like lotion, soap, heat etc.
  • It’s not so much that product that ruins nails, its more of the user.


Be sure to head to Bellus Academy and get beautified!

http://www.beullusacademy.com | @BellusAcademy

Poway | CA: 13266 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064 (858) 748-1490(858) 748-1490
El Cajon | CA: 1073 E. Main Street, El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 442-3407(619) 442-3407
National City | CA: 1520 E. Plaza Boulevard, National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-6607(619) 474-6607
Manhattan | KS: 1130 Westloop Place, Manhattan, KS 66502 (785) 539-1837(785) 539-1837




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