Playlist: Wish We Were In Brazil

brazil collageIf there is one dream we have, it’s to go to Brazil and twerk to some baile funk. If you don’t know what baile funk is, you’re about to get a lesson.

Baile funk, also known as favela funk, is a genre of music that originated in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro. It’s loud, raunchy, full of bass, kick drums, and forces you to shake your ass. Seriously. It’s the only way your body will react to it. As girls who grew up in the era of Chicago juke music, this type of music is our cup of tea. Plus, we have a special love for Brazil and its culture. We don’t really know what they’re saying in these songs, but that’s not stopping us from getting our twerk on.

Similar to baile funk, juke music is  loud, full of bass, kick drums and samples, all chopped to dance perfection. It was an underground movement that was mainly popular amongst Blacks and Latinos. Like baile funk, juke music had dance moves to go along with it: footworking, bobbing, the 40’s, and of course, juking.

The majority of balie funk songs use the same type of beat but still manage to have their own unique flavor. To some, this style of music can be annoying, but that’s because they’re lacking a soul.

Now that winter is approaching, just pretend you’re in Brazil with this playlist. We’ve also included beats from our fellow Midwestern producer Sango, who shares the same love of baile funk as we do.

When in doubt, shake ya ass.



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