October Reads: Where’d You Go, Bernadette

In her younger days, Bernadette Fox was a revolutionary architect on the rise. However, when there are issues with one of her developments she decides to move to Seattle with Microsoft nerd and husband, Elgin. After several miscarriages and a death scare with their only daughter Bee, Bernadette loses touch with her surroundings and focuses all of her attention on Bee, while Elgin climbs his way to top dog of Microsoft.

As Bee gets older, Bernadette has become completely anti-social. She hates her neighbors, or “gnats” as she refers to them, and avoids leaving the house as much as possible. She even hires a virtual assistant from India, Manjula, to complete the simplest of tasks. When Bee brings home a perfect report card,  she wishes to claim her reward that her parents promised her– a family trip to Antarctica. As a result, Bernadette starts panicking, which leads to a spiral of unfortunate events, none that are her fault, and ultimately leads to her disappearing.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette is Bee’s attempt to find her mother and best friend and prove to her father and neighbors that Bernadette isn’t crazy.  Bee compiles emails, letters, reports, and more that help her understand Bernadette. Ultimately, Bee learns how much her mother loved her and wanted to protect her.

The book is a really fast read and entertaining, but I was kind of disappointed with the ending. Throughout the book you will have tons of mixed emotions about Bernadette (one page you want to slap her, the next page you want to hug her). Bernadette really loves her daughter and sacrificed a lot in her life in order to be the best mom. Flaws and all, you start rooting for her at the end.



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