Super Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

If you are like us and wait until the last minute to get your Halloween costume together, have no fear! As well as Snack Queens, we have also dubbed ourselves as the Last Minute DIY Costume Queens. Seriously, what’s the point of Halloween if you can’t make your costume? Luckily for you, we are festive girls and have provided you with SUPER EASY costume ideas that you can put together straight from your closet. Of course, you may have to get some accessories here and there, but it is a lot better than breaking the bank for these ugly ass, slutty costumes that you’ll never wear again. Continue reading

YUCK! 11 of THEE Worst Halloween Candies

We are the self-proclaimed snack queens. Whether it’s healthy or unhealthy snacks, we don’t discriminate. So one can only imagine our excitement when Halloween rolls around. FREE CANDY EVERYWHERE. We may be too old to trick-or-treat, but we will go to the extent of borrowing someone’s kid just to chaperone. By the way, who even made an age limit on trick-or-treating? Even when we can’t score a kid, staying at home with a giant bowl of candy is too dangerous. Let’s just say not every kid will be walking away with goodies. As snack experts, we are providing you with a trusty guideline of what candies NOT to buy. You don’t want to be known as the house on the block with weak ass candy. Trust us. People talk. Continue reading

Around The Way Girl: Annabel Ramos

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“I just wanna be the boss of a bunch of dudes,” says 24-year-old hairstylist Annabel Ramos. With her successful in-home salon and growing clientele, we have no doubt that this Around The Way girl will do just that. She’s hardworking, talented, and down to earth–basically an Around The Way triple threat. We visited her at her home and work-space to talk to her about how she juggles running her own business and being a mom, as well as got an awesome haircut and style.
What made you want to get into this industry?
It started when I was really young. I’ve always been interested in art and hair is the closest form of art I could really get my hands on. People would ask me what I was going to be when I grow up and I would always say a hairstylist.
You have been licensed to do hair since January, less than a year, yet you already have over 2,000 followers on your Instagram page where you show your work. What role has social media played in your success as a stylist?
Well, social media is very important to my business. I consider [Instagram] my online portfolio. I owe to Instagram a lot of the clientele I have achieved. I started off doing a few people’s hair here and there and then posting it on Instagram and it just kind of snowballed. I went from having four clients a week to ten or more clients a day.


You also can do nails and makeup, are there plans for Bella’s Creations to expand more of those services?

I am dabbling into everything and see what I can add to my business.  I can do eyelash extensions and a lot of other things. I have bridal clients, girls for prom, Quinceañeras, Communions, and Baptisms.

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Most salons you go to there is a receptionist, a shampooer, and multiple stylists, yet you do it all. Does it ever get overwhelming?

HELL YEAH! VERY! Especially when I have a packed house. Sometimes I just wanna go outside and take five minutes to myself. Sometimes I don’t even have time to eat. I tell everyone to please be patient with me because I am playing the role of multiple people.  What it takes to run a whole salon I’m doing myself. I don’t have an assistant, I don’t have a receptionist, I don’t have you know, people doing things for me. I’m doing it all myself. Yeah, it gets overwhelming, but I do see the big picture.
You work 5-6 days a week out of your home. How do you find time to separate work and home so that you can actually relax? It must be hard to work where you live because it’s like you never really leave work!

Ummm…well, I have a hard time separating both [work and home]. Even though I have a work number and a personal number, I always say once I’m done working I’m not going to answer the phone. At the same time that’s money! Also, people get really sensitive and I don’t want them to go to anyone else. It’s my home, but it’s my work front. I relax when I do hair. I love it so much. I know it sounds cliché, but the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,”  it’s true. I don’t see it as working. I get paid to create art. I get to play with hair all day. Who wouldn’t love that?

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Where do you see yourself in the future? Would you like to expand your business into opening up your own space one day?

I wanna have a shop. I wanna have a barber shop. I wanna be the only girl working there. I just wanna be the boss of a bunch of dudes. (YESSSS!!!)

You’re 24-years-old, you have a 4-year-old son, a successful business, what advice do you have for young, working, mothers like yourself?

It could be done. It’s not easy. It’s definitely very hard. Society won’t make it easier on you. The fact that you are a young mom–society already makes you feel low. But it could be done, I did it. I sacrificed a year out of my son’s life to do it. Now I am able to give my son everything he wants, deserves, and more than he desires. I would say keep going forward. Nothing in life comes easy. Nothing worthwhile will be easy. If you have the passion and love for it, do it. Your child should be the biggest motivation in the world.

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Around The Way Girl: Noelle Smythe AKA Anny SMACKquiao

“How did I lay her out, man?!” Those are the thoughts of 24-year-old roller derby bad ass, Noelle Smythe. Not one to take the traditional route in life, she left Chicago’s University of Illinois after three months and decided to play life by ear. It wasn’t until 2012 that the universe lead her to a sport that she did not expect to fall in love with as fast as she did. She currently plays for the roller derby team Chicago Outfit and within her rookie year has become the lead score girl. Still not knowing where life will take her, the Chicago native knows one thing: that she’s taking roller derby along for the ride. If you didn’t know before, you’re about to learn now that Chicago girl’s ain’t something to mess with. Continue reading